Thanks to the volunteers

#1 by ulsterman , Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:45 pm

I return to my home and my heart turned to stone,
As i visit where i spent my days,
My people now as they walk behind their lines,
Are attacked by the I.R.A,
For they work from dawn and they're all british born,
And proud to be Ulster through and through,
And the land where they live it was not freely give,
But was bought by the sweat of their brow.

Now the rebels from over the border they came,
And they tell them this lans is not theirs to own,
They say they must go but to where i don't know,
For Ulster was always their home,
They were shot and bombed but still carry on,
Through their suffering's gone on for years,
For their freedom was boght when their grandfathers fought,
Long ago with the volunteers,

(And the land where they lived it was not freely given)
(But was fought for by those brave volunteers)

I'm home to stay i will fight the I.R.A,
With the ranks of Y.C.V,
To make Ulster free from all tyranny,
In the land where i was born,
For the battle's not won till all Ulster's freedom's done,
And her people they live no more in tears,
But until that day we can only pray,
And give thanks to those volunteers,
But until that day we can only pray,
And give thanks to those volunteers.

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