Robert "Squeak" Seymore

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Drink to the memory of the brave, the fearless and the few,
Some lie far of beneath the waves, some sleep in Ulster too,
Though all are gone their fame lives on, the names of those who died,
And proud and true these men like you remember them with pride.

So come listen to my story now of a brave young Ulster man,
Whose life was cruelly taken by a rebel's murdering hand,
He's a man that we will remember, and a friend for evermore,
In memory of a volunteer one Robert "Squeak" Seymore.

Let those of you who tremble, let those of you who fear,
The avenging hand of Ulster, it will find you far or near,
And one night while you are sleeping, the hand upon the door,
Will be the hand of an Ulster volunteer, one Robert "Squeak" Seymore.

You may think my story finished now, you may think my story told,
And the man that i have spoke of, he lies in the ground so cold,
But no he is always with us, he is here with us today,
For the truth is Robert Seymore he will never fade away.

Let us pledge not to forget him and remember evermore,
That here, Here Lies a Soldier,
One Robert "Squeak" Seymore.

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