Hearts of glory

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This is my story, This is my song
It's a long way from Gorgie to the fields o the Somme
Where they played tunes of glory, as we marched along
The pals o the Sporting battalion

From the Heart of Midlothian to the Waverly train
The crowds they were singing an auld Scots refrain
Our sweethearts and darlings our bonnie wee bairns
Were waving their flags and calling our names

Sing Hearts of Glory, dawn and sunset
Hearts of glory, Lest we forget
Young Scottish soldiers and soldiers unknown
Who gave hearts of glory

In the trenches of Picardy the whistles are blown
And it's over the top lads through the wire and the bombs
To pain and destruction let the piper play
To lead us to hell to death and dismay

There was never a moment I was not afraid
But there by my side were the gallant McCrae's
Until they fell in the slaughter when the bayonets were out
And the few of us left held the auld Scots Redoubt

Ellis and Currie Briggs, Boyd, Hazeldean
Wattie and Nisbet He was only sixteen
Their names I'll remember at the end of each day
They fought and died wi Geordie McCrae

Who cared for the Kaiser or imperial gains
Love of our country, duty or fame?
Between the whim of an airman and four feathers of shame
We fought for the pals of a wee fitba team

And when it was over just what had we done?
There were no flags of glory for McCrae and his own
There were no graves for heroes for our brothers and sons
Who sleep 'neath the flowers in the fields of the Somme

Some came back as cripples some couldnae kick a ball
Some wounded and broken most came not at all
But they remain in my memory Forever young
The pals o the Sporting battalion

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