Fighting men of no.4

#1 by ulsterman , Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:17 pm

Over many years of conflict through loss and hurt and pain,
From every part of Ulster to the Shankills narrow lanes,
No braver men you'll care to meet through out this loyal land,
Than the men of No.4 Platoon who serve the old red hand.

We salute these gallant heroes the bravest of the brave,
We thank you for our way of life and this land you helped to save,
In the fight against our enemys you never let us down,
We thank the men of no.4 Platoon who serve our Queen and Crown.

Thier forever at the ready, forever standing strong,
Always watching over us to undo any wrong,
The pride of our six county's, their loyal to the core,
The fighting men, men who wear the black and serve with no.4.

This peace that we enjoy now you earned with battles won,
A place in Ulsters history for the deeds that you have done,
So to these loyal soldiers no one could ask for more,
We raise our glass and thanks we give to the men of No.4.

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