#1 by ulsterman , Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:14 pm

The children gathered wreathes in hand,
Within a border town,
The old men marched with pride again,
Their medals brightly shone.

Remembrance Day had just begun,
To honour Ulsters fallen,
And ended in the massacre,
of Enniskillen town.

Her streets are all deserted now,
Her wreathes are coffin bound,
The young and old rest side by side,
in Enniskillen town.

So let the pipers sad lament,
Fermanaghs hills resound,
That all the world may shed a tear,
for Enniskillen town.

And in a moments silence pray,
For Ulsters old and young,
Who gave their lives that poppy day,
in Enniskillen town.

And from some lonely Flanders field,
A poppy red return,
To honour Ulsters fallen dead,
in Enniskillen town.

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