Brian Robinson

#1 by ulsterman , Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:54 pm

Let me tell you of a story fo fame and gallantry
What the name of Brian Robinson it means to you and me
It's a name that stand for courage and it stands for liberty
On the 2nd day of September come and drink this toast with me

So now here's to Brian Robinson a brave and loyal man
And to every Ulster Volunteer who has fought for the Red Hand
They have made the greatest sacrifice and we have seen the best
So lift your glass to Brian and to the men of the UVF

And to the men behind the wire for they have stood the test
Let's not forget their sacrifice for they are Ulster's best
Let us fight now for their liberty and freedom from Long Kesh
With the cry 'For God and Ulster' free the men of the UVF

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